Does Your Pelvic Floor Need an Exercise Program?

Beyond the Paper Gown

Does Your Pelvic Floor Need an Exercise Program?

April 15, 2024

Does Your Pelvic Floor Need an Exercise Program?

In this engaging episode, we’re joined by Stephanie Schull, PhD, the innovator behind Kegelbell, as we delve into the often overlooked subject of women’s pelvic health. Dr. Schull sheds light incontinence, sexual dysfunction, and organ prolapse, which can result from pelvic floor disorders.  She advocates for the importance of candid discussions, early education, and a deeper understanding of our bodies to prevent and manage these conditions effectively.  Dr. Schull also introduces Kegelbell, her pioneering invention designed to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles and improve symptoms.

Tune in to discover how education and innovation are key to transforming the narrative surrounding women’s pelvic health.

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