#84, Empowering Scientists with Voice-Assisted Workflows with Steve Soccorso-McCoy from LabVoice

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#84, Empowering Scientists with Voice-Assisted Workflows with Steve Soccorso-McCoy from LabVoice

LabVoice develops a hands-free voice assistant that provides a common human-lab interaction for scientists, enabling voice-assisted workflows and hands-free access to lab software and data.
April 16, 2024

#84, Empowering Scientists with Voice-Assisted Workflows with Steve Soccorso-McCoy from LabVoice

Transforming how scientists interact with lab equipment and data, LabVoice has developed a hands-free voice assistant tailored to meet the unique needs of scientists working in the lab. Joining us to discuss LabVoice’s innovative solution is Steve Soccorso-McCoy, Head of Sales at LabVoice. Our host for this episode is Eric Zimmerman, Principal Healthcare & Life Sciences BD, Venture Capital & Startups at AWS.

  1. How does LabVoice streamline lab data drudgery?
    • LabVoice’s voice assistant empowers scientists by offloading tedious data tracking and information access tasks. This frees up time for more valuable scientific work, aligning with principles of customer obsession and eliminating undifferentiated heavy lifting in life sciences R&D.
  2. What is voice-powered human-lab interaction?
    • The platform provides seamless voice control by integrating capabilities like voice commands, OCR, and barcode scanning. This enables hands-free execution of tasks and data access, enhancing productivity for scientists working at benches or fume hoods.
  3. How did LabVoice’s visionary founders approach the problem?
    • Co-founders Matt Hahn and Fred Bost envisioned voice tech’s potential after consumer successes like Alexa. LabVoice takes an end-user focused approach by closely collaborating with scientists to understand and streamline their unique workflows.
  4. How does LabVoice bridge software silos seamlessly?
    • By integrating with popular scientific software vendors, LabVoice bridges gaps between data creation, recall, and capture. This unified data strategy empowers scientists with holistic access across previously siloed systems.
  5. What is the process for deploying and adopting LabVoice?
    • While initial technology deployment is fast, full scientist adoption takes 4-6 weeks including change management. However, the compounding productivity benefits across workflows create lasting “aha” moments and workflow transformation.
  6. What is LabVoice’s vision for the future of voice-powered science?
    • LabVoice envisions a future with seamless vendor interoperability, simplified UIs, automatic data documentation, and ELNs/LIMS evolving into data-centric analysis tools. Voice, AI, AR/VR will further empower scientists’ knowledge management and operations.

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