#82, Closing Care Gaps with Predictive Analytics, Aneesh Chopra from CareJourney and Mirza Baig from AWS

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#82, Closing Care Gaps with Predictive Analytics, Aneesh Chopra from CareJourney and Mirza Baig from AWS

CareJourney provides healthcare analytics solutions that leverage claims data to enable value-based care delivery organizations, hospitals, health plans, and life sciences companies to improve care quality and reduce costs.
March 26, 2024

#82, Closing Care Gaps with Predictive Analytics, Aneesh Chopra from CareJourney and Mirza Baig from AWS

Imagine a world where healthcare data flows seamlessly across providers, payers, and life sciences companies, enabling truly coordinated and personalized care. That future is rapidly becoming a reality, thanks to companies like CareJourney, our guest on this episode of the AWS Health Innovation Podcast. CareJourney is a healthcare analytics vendor specializing in processing claims data and deriving actionable insights for over 300 million patient lives across ACOs, health systems, payers, life sciences companies, and more.

In this conversation, Aneesh Chopra, the President of CareJourney and Mirza Baig, from the AWS Health AI team, leading Architecture & Product join Alex Merwin, Head of Growth for Healthcare & Life Science Startups at AWS, to discuss how CareJourney is leveraging AWS services and FHIR APIs to unlock the promise of value-based care through data integration and analytics. CareJourney’s solutions empower healthcare organizations to operate more efficiently, provide higher quality care, and drive better patient outcomes.

Here are some of the key topics covered in this episode:

  • Timely Data Access: Enabled proactive interventions through daily FHIR data. Overcame delays in receiving patient information.
  • Fraud Detection Insights: Identified potential Medicare fraud by analyzing claims. Created alert system to prevent paying fraudulent claims.
  • Care Coordination Enablement: Integrated specialty companies into unified care journeys. Connected siloed data sources for coordinated care.
  • Data-Driven Healthcare: Leveraged AWS for data ingestion and analysis. Drove insights and next-best action recommendations.
  • Interoperability Commitment: Adapted to evolving data standards like FHIR. Simplified data sourcing across the healthcare ecosystem.
  • Industry Collaboration Importance: Encouraged debate on cloud platform healthcare functionality. Focused efforts to build data interoperability solutions.

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