#79, Predicting Future Health Events With AI with Eric Chung from Prospection

AWS Health Innovation Podcast

#79, Predicting Future Health Events With AI with Eric Chung from Prospection

Prospection is a healthcare analytics company that converts data into actionable insights by applying machine learning to hundreds of millions of patient histories to predict future health events years in…
March 5, 2024

#79, Predicting Future Health Events With AI with Eric Chung from Prospection

Prospection, a developer of a SaaS healthcare analytics platform, joins the AWS Health Innovation Podcast to discuss how having better data can improve patient outcomes. Dr. Terence Tan, APJ Healthcare & Lifesciences Startup BD Manager for AWS, interviews Eric Chung, Co-Founder & Co-CEO of Prospection, on how their platform converts healthcare data into actionable insights to optimize drug performance.

Data Illuminates Patient data uncovers insights leading to better outcomes. Prospection models make predictions to optimize care.

Combining Expertise Prospection fuses medical knowledge with engineering to extract meaning from data. Unique mix of skills.

AI in Action Prospection applies AI in 3 main ways – assistant, diagnostics and predictions. Models trained on patient journeys.

Transformer Models Each patient timeline is a ‘sentence’ for transformer models to learn from. Predict future events like metastasis.

Averting Adversity Models identified weight/dosage as main driver of side effects. Enabled 17x reduction between countries.

Idealistic Future Models point toward future where outcomes are predicted and improved through data. But roadblocks remain.

Beyond Pharma Prospection wants real world evidence insights for more stakeholders. Right treatment, right time.

Reimbursement Roadblocks Payment models make/break innovations. Must evaluate data value chain.

Strategic Choices Innovate in data, software, analytics or go-to-market? Need viable payment model.

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