#22, Marina & Eugene Borukhovich, YourCoach Health

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#22, Marina & Eugene Borukhovich, YourCoach Health

YourCoach Health is the Virtual Home for health and wellness coaching, an ecosystem built to empower health coaches to deliver their services to even more individuals across the globe.
September 19, 2022

#22, Marina & Eugene Borukhovich, YourCoach Health

Alex Merwin is joined by Marina & Eugene Borukhovich from YourCoach Health, a solution which empowers health coaches to deliver their services while providing enterprises access a broad ecosystem of verified and vetted health coaches. Marina, an entrepreneur and a health coach, founded YourCoach Health after her battle with cancer and is now CEO. Eugene, co-founder, and COO, is a serial intra and entrepreneur, executive, venture builder & board advisor with a focus on digital health. We discuss their recent partnership with Twill (formerly Happify Health), the strengths of founding a business with your life partner, and how health coaches bridge the gap between digital health solutions and patients who want to live healthier, happier lives. Learn more about YourCoach Health ( and learn more about healthcare and life science startups on AWS ( or

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