#18 Dr. George Church & Barghavi Govindarajan, Digid8 (re-release)

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#18 Dr. George Church & Barghavi Govindarajan, Digid8 (re-release)

#18 Dr. George Church & Barghavi Govindarajan, Digid8 (re-release)
March 6, 2023

#18 Dr. George Church & Barghavi Govindarajan, Digid8 (re-release)

On this re-release, Joe Shonkwiler is joined by Dr. George Church and Barghavi Govindarajan, co-founders of Digid8, a company creating a seamless, affordable DNA-first decision making platform. Dr. Church is a pioneer in the world of synthetic biology and Professor of Genetics at Harvard Medical School as well as Professor of Health Sciences and Technology at Harvard and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Barghavi is a seasoned technologist and the CEO of Digid8. Dr. Church and Barghavi discuss how technology, innovation, and education can come together in a single product, to what extent users need to understand a complex technology to use it effectively, and how basic science researchers can leverage startups to speed up the time to making a massive impact on the world. Learn more about Digid8 ( and learn more about healthcare and life science startups on AWS ( or

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