School Nurses And Their Role During COVID-19

At the Core of Care

School Nurses And Their Role During COVID-19

In this special episode, we hear how school nurse…
May 28, 2020

School Nurses And Their Role During COVID-19

In this special episode, we hear how school nurses are supporting their students and each other during this pandemic. First, we speak to Lori Kelley, a school nurse in southwestern Pennsylvania and the current president of the Pennsylvania Association of School Nurses and Practitioners (PASNAP). In response to the pandemic, the organization has been supporting its members around the state with regular regional Zoom meetings, free online continuing education resources, and advocating for their members to be part of the planning process in their communities to help reopen schools. We then speak to Lynn Heard, a school nurse in northeastern Pennsylvania and PASNAP’s 2019 School Nurse of the Year. Lynn shares what her job was like pre-pandemic and her thoughts and concerns about returning to school.

We are occasionally coordinating our coverage with the Amplify Nursing podcast and will release related episodes around the same time. Each of our shows will cover the same topic but from various perspectives to give a full view of the issue at hand. Amplify Nursing is produced by the University of Pennsylvania’s School of Nursing and explores nurses leading the way in nursing science, policy, and innovation.

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