E77:  Dr. Debbie Salas-Lopez – The Girl From The Bronx

A Sherpa’s Guide to Innovation

E77: Dr. Debbie Salas-Lopez – The Girl From The Bronx

September 16, 2020

E77: Dr. Debbie Salas-Lopez – The Girl From The Bronx

Ben & Jay have a memorable and inspiring conversation with Dr. Debbie Salas-Lopez, SVP of Community and Population Health at Northwell Health.  Beyond her formal role, she is a nationally recognized speaker and educator for women leaders in medicine, with a focus on healthcare disparities and equity in care, cultural awareness and language appropriate services, and the impact of social and economic factors on access to care. 

Furthermore, Dr. Salas-Lopez has recently published a gripping memoir entitled "The Girl from The Bronx – A True Story of Struggle, Resiliency, and Courage", in collaboration with Dr. Llewellyn J. Cornelius. Daughter of Puerto Rican immigrants, she took an unexpected path to where she is today, learning – and teaching – many life lessons along the way.

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