E76:  How Are You Doing? No, How Are You Really Doing?

A Sherpa’s Guide to Innovation

E76: How Are You Doing? No, How Are You Really Doing?

September 2, 2020

E76: How Are You Doing? No, How Are You Really Doing?

Patrick Mulvaney & Victor Armstrong have very different but very important roles in the increasingly critical area of mental health and wellness.  Patrick is Chef Owner at Mulvaney’s Building & Loan, a farm to fork restaurant in Sacramento, California. Victor is Director of the NC Division of Mental Health, Developmental Disabilities, Substance Abuse Services at the NC Department of Health and Human Services.  Both are passionate about suicide prevention and both, as you will soon learn, are great storytellers in this powerful episode.

Patrick has spearheaded the I Got Your Back Project, an innovative pilot program focused on mental health in the restaurant industry.  Victor is a nationally recognized mental health leader and advocate, also known for his strong and effective social media presence, raising awareness and reducing stigma.

Resources if you need help:
If you need help now from anywhere, call 1-800-273-8255 or text 741741.

If you need assistance in North Carolina, call the Hope 4 NC Crisis Counseling Services Hotline at 1-855-587-3463 (FIND) anytime day or night.

Health care professionals, emergency medical specialists, first responders, other staff who work in health care settings and their families throughout the state who are experiencing stress from being on the front lines of the state’s COVID-19 response can call The Hope4Healers Helpline (919-226-2002).

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