E71: Designing for Behavior Change with Amy Bucher, PhD

A Sherpa’s Guide to Innovation

E71: Designing for Behavior Change with Amy Bucher, PhD

June 17, 2020

E71: Designing for Behavior Change with Amy Bucher, PhD

This episode’s guest is Amy Bucher, PhD, Vice President of Behavior Change Design at Mad*Pow, a strategic design consultancy working with industry leaders to create social impact. Amy is an expert in motivational design, behavior change, health, and happiness, and how technology can support them. She previously worked at CVS Health and Johnson & Johnson, and recently released an exceptional book published by Rosenfeld Media entitled Engaged: Designing for Behavior Change, which is the subject of our conversation. We touch on, among many others:

  • The self-determination theory of motivation and how designers and innovators can apply it to their work
  • Motivational interviewing techniques that health providers can use to encourage behavior change
  • How to incorporate behavior change principles in UX ad service design work
  • How the COM-B model can supplement JTBD analysis

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Order Engaged: Designing for Behavior Change here:

Read more about Amy's research on her blog:
We reference the Behaviour Change Wheel

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