E64:  Zayna Khayat on The Future of Aging

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E64: Zayna Khayat on The Future of Aging

March 11, 2020

E64: Zayna Khayat on The Future of Aging

Ben & Jay welcome back Dr. Zayna Khayat, Future Strategist of SE Health to discuss their new book, The Future of Aging.  Zayna is also on the faculty of Singularity University and the Rothman School of Management.

The Future of Aging is an exciting collaboration between SE Health and Idea Couture, a global strategic innovation and experience design firm.  As "a counter-argument to the common thinking and discourse around aging put forth in academia, business and popular culture", this book will appeal to many leaders, healthcare or otherwise, with a vested interest in serving older adults through products or services.  And it's thought-provoking, if not moving, at a personal level.

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Also by Idea Couture:  The Futures of Health: Spaces Places of Care

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