E63: What's Behind Door #3? Interdependence & Modularity!

A Sherpa’s Guide to Innovation

E63: What's Behind Door #3? Interdependence & Modularity!

February 26, 2020

E63: What's Behind Door #3? Interdependence & Modularity!

Ben, Jay & Will geek out on a great but less well-known theory of Dr. Clayton M. Christensen – Interdependence and Modularity.  How do you develop a business model that fits your unique circumstances? From the first automobiles to light bulbs to Tesla and Electronic Medical Records, your Sherpas discuss a framework for product architecture and how to look at the dynamics of your industry value chain.  They even dare to talk about single payor health care systems… 

Michael Horn – Education, Disrupted (MIT Sloan Management Review)
Ben Thompson, Stratechery – Netflix and the Conservation of Attractive Profits
Xealth – Digital Health at Scale
The Innovator's Solution – Chapters 5 and 6

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