E46:  An Abundance Mindset with Robin Glasco

A Sherpa’s Guide to Innovation

E46: An Abundance Mindset with Robin Glasco

June 6, 2019

E46: An Abundance Mindset with Robin Glasco

Get ready to shift your mindset from scarcity to abundance in this episode of A Sherpa’s Guide to Innovation featuring Robin Glasco, co-founder and Managing Partner of Bambü Global Healthcare Advisors. Robin is a healthcare strategy and innovation dynamo, co-founding Bambü after serving as EIR with the Nason Group, Chief Innovation Officer of Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts, and an executive at Kaiser Permanente. She serves on several non-profit boards in the Boston area, and is passionate about disruptive innovation theory, advancing investment in high performing minority startups, and helping organizations fall in love with a problem, not a solution. Tune in and learn more Robin’s career, her new venture Bambü Global Healthcare Advisors, what the formula OO + NT = EOO means, why health equity is crucial for improving maternal health, and how a video about a shopping cart sparked her interest in innovation. “I’m telling you, Bannister, this girl is fun. F-U-N!”

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 The IDEO shopping cart video

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