S4. Ep 5. Part 2: Poetic Expressions in Nursing: Sharing the Caring Susan J Farese, MSN, RN

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S4. Ep 5. Part 2: Poetic Expressions in Nursing: Sharing the Caring Susan J Farese, MSN, RN

Here live poetry from our guest Susan J Farese!
April 26, 2022

S4. Ep 5. Part 2: Poetic Expressions in Nursing: Sharing the Caring Susan J Farese, MSN, RN

In the 2nd part of this episode, we continue our conversation and hear live poetry! More about Susan’s accomplishments.

Susan J. (Felice) Farese, MSN, RN, (Veteran), a native of NJ, is owner/president of SJF Communications PR in San Diego, CA. Ms. Farese has diversified experience in health care/communications, including military and civilian nursing practice, management, education/training, research and consulting. SJF Communications provides Public Relations, Marketing, Social Media, Websites, Writing, Filmmaking, Mentoring and Photography. Clients include theatres, musicians, filmmakers, authors and businesses. Susan is the author of the book “Poetic Expressions in Nursing: Sharing the Caring” (1993 and 2021) and has written poetry and articles on a variety of topics. She is a member of SAG-AFTRA, American Legion Post 43, Veterans in Media & Entertainment, San Diego Writers Ink, and the San Diego Press Club.

PRAISE FOR Poetic Expressions in Nursing: Sharing the Caring:

“Susan Farese’s “Poetic Expressions in Nursing” is a heartfelt expression of the emotional generosity demonstrated by healthcare workers everywhere. It also gives us a much-needed peek into the multi-dimensional character of all those who are drawn to the noble nursing profession.” –Joan Brady, Author

The true heart of the caregiver “What an amazing insight into the mind and life of the nurse. That woman or man who goes that extra mile to help those who are scared, ill, and worried. I don’t think that there is an area of nursing that this book doesn’t address, and I highly recommend this book to those in the medical field especially their loved ones. I especially liked “Nurse”, “The Code”, and “Night Shift”. I could especially relate to each of those poems. Well done Susan Farese! Thank you for exposing this intimate side of nursing. A must read!”-Tommy Anderson-Author/Screenwriter 5 Star Amazon Review

The Human Condition in Poetry! “Susan’s poetry reflects the most personal moments anyone of us can have when faced with our own health issues, let alone imminent mortality. She touches the heart with “Matters of His Heart” in more ways than one and shares the deep sense of foreboding that a heart attack brings on in both the patient and the family. In “My Friend” the elderly patient evokes a sweet, tender friendship with the nurse who cares for her. My favorite is “Ann’s Zest Ends”, as she deftly guides us through the stages of Alzheimer’s. A wonderful collection of poetic stories we can all relate to on some level!”       –Sue-5 Star Amazon Review

Perfect uplifting gift for nurses everywhere “Initially written during the HIV/AIDS epidemic, this poignant and delightful volume, updated with new material, is even more relevant now, one year into the COVID 19 pandemic. Aptly mixing medical lingo with encouragement, understanding and heartfelt tributes for our caregivers, Susan J. Farese captures the art, science, and mystery of the nursing profession. The poem “Caregiver,” encouraging nurses to take time to care for themselves, belongs taped to nurses’ break room fridges all over America. I will send this book to my niece, a nursing student, for the poems “A Formula for Success” and “Abbreviation Lane.” “Nurses Unite!” is the poem that will resonate with my sister-in-law, an overworked hospital pharmacist. I recommend this collection of poetry as a touching gift for anyone who is a nurse, knows a nurse, or will one day be in need for nursing.” – Amazon Customer-5 Star Amazon Review

Reliving my nursing career “Loved the poems. Having been in nursing for over 40 years, so many spoke to me. I, as the author so well wrote about, remember specific patients, talking nurse to nurse in “our” language when a family member was hospitalized, in addition to the feelings, smells, sounds, language and monitors in our profession. The poems are truly a reflection about nursing and to those not in nursing an insight into who we are.” Eileen-5 Star Amazon Review

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