S4. Ep 3. Nurse Burnout with Athol Hann

The Virtual Clinical Podcast

S4. Ep 3. Nurse Burnout with Athol Hann

Learn about burnout perspetives and one nurses solution in this episode!
April 12, 2022

S4. Ep 3. Nurse Burnout with Athol Hann

We join our first Australian nurse, Athol Hann, in his quest to prevent nurse burnout. Athol is a nurse innovator and entrepreneur who built the app Fwards and more recently, Burnout No More courses. Athol has held a variety of rolls in nursing and describes what his experience was like with burnout. As this can occur to many nurses and nurse students, a hightened awareness for burnout is important to learn about from all perspectives.

More about Fwards:


Burnout No More:

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