S4. Ep 2. Your Nurse Lawyer, Irnise Williams, Esq.

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S4. Ep 2. Your Nurse Lawyer, Irnise Williams, Esq.

Learn everything about being a nurse lawyer from Irnise Williams
April 5, 2022

S4. Ep 2. Your Nurse Lawyer, Irnise Williams, Esq.

We chat with Irnise Williams, JD, RN in this episode about being a nurse lawyer! Irnise is an experienced nurse and attorney that works with organizations to create systemic change. As a Prosci Change Management Expert, she uses this process to break down the goals of the organization and create sustainable and cost-effective plans of action. Additionally, her training allows executives, leaders, and other stakeholders to manage their fear of change, expand their perspective, discover opportunities, and utilize present resources to get to the intended goal. Irnise uses this process to address Implicit Bias, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, as well as planned structural or cultural changes that may impact large amounts of people within the organization. As a graduate of Howard University and the Howard University School of Law, Irnise serves as an architect of social change for both the clients whom she serves in her private practice, as well as in her organizational training. Irnise hopes to empower more people and organizations to embrace change and use it as a tool to become more effective and efficient.

You can learn more about classes, receive her free e-book, network groups and more on her website:

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