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The Healthcare Solutions Project

The Healthcare Solutions Project features interviews with healthcare innovators.

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Toward eliminating patient waiting rooms – Shelby Sanderford, Founder and CEO, DOCPACE – Episode 47

Most people know what it's like to wait in a doctor's office. It's one of the key drivers of patient dissatisfaction, but we've come to think of it as a necessary evil. Shelby Sanderford, founder and CEO of DOCPACE, believes sitting in a doctor's office is completely unnecessary. Listen as she describes how doctors may be able to eliminate waiting rooms altogether.
February 15, 2021

Making the best use of valuable healthcare assets – Mohan Giridharadas, Founder and CEO, LeanTaaS – Episode 46

When Mohan Giridharadas looks at healthcare in the United States, he sees $2 trillion in total assets that are inefficiently managed. He also understands that asset utilization is more difficult to manage than any other industry. Working as a management consultant, he saw how other industries could use the principles of lean and the benefits of predictive analytics to solve complex asset utilization issues. He decided to apply the same principles to healthcare. Mohan talks with Don Seamons about his vision for automating and systematizing intelligent decision making in healthcare organizations in this episode of The Healthcare Solutions Project.
February 1, 2021

Best practices for the Covid-19 vaccine rollout – Matt Dickson, Vice President of Product and Strategy and General Manager, Communications Solutions at Stericycle – Episode 45

Not only is the Covid-19 vaccine is a historic achievement, its introduction may be the most fraught public health exercise in human history. Are health systems and agencies ready for the anticipation and emotion associated with who should receive the vaccine and when? Matt Dickson, general manager of communications solutions at Stericycle shares low-tech and high-tech best practices that will help vaccine providers ensure a safe and orderly Covid-19 vaccine rollout.
January 18, 2021

Research on the keys for EHR success – Connor Bice, Director of Operations for the Arch Collaborative, KLAS Research – Episode 44

EHR systems have a reputation for user dissatisfaction. But after collecting more than 170,000 surveys from 240 health systems, Connor Bice of KLAS Research says that reputation is unfounded. In this episode, Connor, who is the director of operations for the KLAS Arch Collaborative, reviews some of his organization's findings and shares keys to EHR success.
December 8, 2020

Breaking down barriers between facility-based care and home-based care – Mary Henschel, Director of Client Success, Home Care, PointClickCare – Episode 43

Payers and consumers are demanding less expensive care with better outcomes. And in the wake of COVID-19, they're also demanding safer long-term care. Home health is gaining in popularity in this environment. And as technology advances and data sharing becomes easier, home health is becoming an integral part of the patient journey. Listen as Mary Henschel, PointClickCare's home care director of client success, discusses how home health is taking the lead in the provision of long-term care.
November 2, 2020

Moving from a closed system to a healthcare ecosystem – Cynthia Kilroy, president of CK Consulting – Episode 42

How does healthcare go from being a siloed system where data is jealously guarded to an ecosystem with the patient at the center? Cynthia Kilroy, president of CK Consulting, talks about how healthcare organizations and outside disruptors are breaking down boundaries and helping the health system work better for everyone.
October 19, 2020

The Healthcare Solutions Project

The talk about healthcare is trending in the wrong direction. Everyone cares about healthcare, and everyone knows that our system is broken. What most people don’t know is that the big solutions being discussed today won’t solve healthcare’s problems. There really is no magic wand we can wave to make everything better. But there are things we can do—and are doing—right now that will help us put a lid on costs, enhance quality of care, and make clinicians and patients happy. The Healthcare Solutions Project is a platform for healthcare innovators to share their stories of how they are making healthcare better, today.
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Don Seamons

Don Seamons

Don Seamons is the founder and managing principal at Lumeno Marketing, an agency focused exclusively on the business and technology of healthcare. Founded in 2009, Lumeno helps organizations reach, persuade and convert health care decision makers into clients. Don has worked for 20 years in the healthcare industry. Before founding Lumeno, he was the lead hospital/health system marketer for Ingenix (now Optum). He also spent five years at Intermountain Healthcare, one of the nation's most respected integrated health systems.

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