IWRT: Why Can’t I Just Call My Doctor?

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IWRT: Why Can’t I Just Call My Doctor?

July 5, 2022

IWRT: Why Can’t I Just Call My Doctor?

You’ve just got one little burning question. Now where’s that doctor’s phone number? Wait, who is gonna pick up on the other end of the line? Will it even be a human? Why is this so FRUSTRATING??

In this Intrusive Waiting Room Thoughts episode, Jeremy and Julie explain why it’s so damn hard to get the doctor on the horn. They also give you some insider information on potentially more efficient, and certainly less anxiety-inducing, methods to get your question answered by your healthcare team. 

PLUS, at one point, Jeremy tells us that he would prefer his patients to text him. Let’s hope his GIF game is strong 😉

As a heads up to our listeners, this episode was recorded before the awful, tragic events that occurred on 7/4/22 in Highland Park, Illinois. Jeremy addresses this at the beginning of the episode, explaining that he is a proud resident of Highland Park and was present at the parade that day. We may address this further in the future on the podcast, keep tuned.

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