Can Gene Editing Cure Diseases?: Sickle Cell and CRISPR

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Can Gene Editing Cure Diseases?: Sickle Cell and CRISPR

November 28, 2023

Can Gene Editing Cure Diseases?: Sickle Cell and CRISPR

Have y’all heard of CRISPR?? This revolutionary gene-editing technology has the potential to treat and possibly CURE genetic diseases. Recently an FDA advisory committee has recommended the use of this technology in efforts to cure symptoms of sickle cell disease in people! THIS IS HUGE NEWS!

In today’s episode, Jeremy presents the context and backstory of sickle cell disease, and the ripple effects of using gene-editing therapy to treat it effectively. This could be a real game-changer for folks living with sickle cell disease, who only have access to supportive care measures to treat the devastating, and frequently deadly effects of this debilitating genetic disorder. Your Doctor Friends are excited, and you should be too! WE ARE LIVING IN THE FUTURE, FRIENDS!

The FDA’s final decision on its approval of “exa-cel”, the groundbreaking gene-editing technique to treat sickle cell disease is scheduled for December 8, 2023, right around the corner! Stay tuned folks, you can bet that Your Doctor Friends will cover more stories about this amazing leap in treatment for genetic disorders!

Finally, stay tuned til the end for a little “dessert” health headline story from Julie about using leftover antibiotics; the reason why people do it, and what the ramifications could be.

Resources for today’s episode include:

A New York Times article “Panel Says That Innovative Sickle Cell Cure Is Safe Enough for Patients“.

A Doc Wire News article “FDA Advisory Committee Endorses Safety of Exa-Cel in SCD“.

The NIH website’s page on “What Is Sickle Cell Disease?

An article by the Infectious Disease Society of America outlining how antibiotics are “like gold” to some patients, discussing how personal beliefs and health care barriers drive inappropriate antibiotic use.

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