Are Psychedelics The Next Big Thing In Medicine?

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Are Psychedelics The Next Big Thing In Medicine?

November 30, 2023

Are Psychedelics The Next Big Thing In Medicine?

What do you think about psychedelics? Does your mind wander to late-60’s Beatles tunes? What colors do you see? Have you heard about their therapeutic uses in medicine?

Seems like hippy-dippy fringe medicine stuff, right? We’re talking magic mushrooms, LSD, and ketamine (among other substances) here!

Can you guess which academic research institution has the most robust psychedelic research department in the US?

It’s the Johns Hopkins Center for Psychedelic and Consciousness Research!

A recent (11/16/23) Johns Hopkins Congressional Briefing, titled “What’s Next for Psychedelics” featured a panel of experts discussing psychedelics in medicine, and Your Doctor Friends think the future looks PROMISING!

Their discussion centered on the potential cost-saving benefits of utilization of psychedelics in treatment of a variety of conditions, including addiction, anxiety, depression (including that associated with Alzheimer’s disease), eating disorders, OCD, and post-treatment Lyme disease.

Are you ready to break on through to the other side and talk medicinal psychedelics with us??

Also, we end with a little dessert from Jeremy highlighting recent data recommending the benefits of routing iron level screening, given new data on the high prevalence of iron deficiency, and why you might want to bring it up to your healthcare provider!

Resources for today’s episode include:

The Johns Hopkins Congressional Briefing Series page, with link to the 43-minute panel presentation titled “What’s Next For Psychedelics“.

A New York Times article about Johns Hopkins psychiatrist Dr. Roland Griffiths, titled “A Psychedelics Pioneer Takes the Ultimate Trip“.

The FDA Draft Guidance document titled “Psychedelic Drugs: Considerations for Clinical Investigations. Guidance for Industry.”

A Johns Hopkins Magazine article titled “Preparing for a new era of psychedelic treatment“.

A New York Times article titled “More Than a Third of Women Under 50 are Iron-Deficient“.

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