Scaffolding Behavioral Change

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Scaffolding Behavioral Change

April 4, 2022

Scaffolding Behavioral Change

Brian McGowan PhD, FACEP planned to be the team orthopedic surgeon for Notre Dame football. After a month of working in an orthopedic rehab hospital when he was in college, he realized that he didn’t know what he wanted to be when he grew up, but it wasn’t going to be a physician. 

Lucky then for us. 

Brian has worked in academic, industry, and is co-founder of ArcheMedX. But the places he’s been do not mark who Brian is. It’s his passion for behavioral science, learning science, and research into medical education methodology that make him inimitable in the field of continuing education for health professionals.

Join us for a conversation about what continuing education practitioners can do to help learners think more efficiently and effectively. Points of interest include: 

✔️ Which root skills are most important for CME storytellers 
✔️ What the Ebbinghaus experiment is in learning science 
✔️ How physical environments affect learning 
✔️ Brian’s love for the three-slide-per-page print option for PowerPoints 


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