Ghostwriter: Who? What? How?

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Ghostwriter: Who? What? How?

January 7, 2022

Ghostwriter: Who? What? How?

Today we’re talking about ghostwriting. Not the ghostwriting that has been loaded with negative associations within medical writing circles for many years but a different kind of ghostwriting. The kind that gets your business to business or business to consumer book out the door. My guest, Wendy Meyeroff, has been ghostwriting for many years and is here to share what she has learned about what is is, how it has changed, who can benefit from the support of a ghostwriter, and what to look for when you are thinking of hiring a ghost writer.
If you didn’t know about the world of ghostwriting before this episode, I think you’ll agree that there’s a lot to mull over here. If you need a writer to help you write a B2B or B2C book or other materials, you can learn more about how to hire a ghostwriter at Wendy’s website, to which I’ve included a link in the show notes, as well as Claudia Suzanne’s website,

Even if you are still on the fence about the value and credibility of ghostwriting, Wendy shares a wealth of detail about the craft of writing, its role in educating audiences, examples from ghostwriters who work in particular genres, like memoir, and a long list of resources on tools of the trade and where to find training. 

Smithsonian Magazine
American Medical Writers Association
Council of Science Editors 
Editorial Freelancers Association
Claudia Suzanne
Claudia Suzanne Ghost Writing Course 
Derek Lewis
Lorraine Nash
Military Writers Society of America
Mark Agnew 

Connect with Wendy: Email, LinkedIn 

Host: Alexandra Howson PhD
Sound Engineer: Suzen Marie
Shownotes: Linzy Carothers  

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