Corralling Content for Multimodal Continuing Healthcare Education

Write Medicine

Corralling Content for Multimodal Continuing Healthcare Education

May 17, 2022

Corralling Content for Multimodal Continuing Healthcare Education

On this episode of Write Medicine, my guest is Dr. Eve Wilson CHCP, FACEHP (she/her), a medical writer with deep expertise who helped me get started in the field.

While Eve is primarily a creator of continuing medical education resources, she also holds a PhD in microbiology, and uses her analytical background to inform her present-day work. As Medical Director at PlatformQ Health, Eve integrates new learning concepts with the more traditional didactic experiences to design a meaningful journey for the learner that leads to new insights as a result of their learning experience.   

In this episode, we talk about career origins, and the significance of “story” in a seemingly facts-only field. We talk about the creation of curricula, how to find balance variation of content and format, and  how to create and implement multimodal ways of learning. 

Other topics covered in this conversation include how Eve:

✔️ Started in medical writing and what she tells aspiring writers
✔️ Preps for continuing education projects
✔️ Gauges audience needs and adapts content accordingly


Connect with Eve
e: [email protected]

Connect with Alex
e: [email protected]

Podcast Team
: Alexandra Howson PhD, CHCP
Shownotes: Emma Kolakowski
Sound: SuZen Marie

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