Making the Match: Building Professional Identity after Residency

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Making the Match: Building Professional Identity after Residency

December 27, 2021

Making the Match: Building Professional Identity after Residency

Brenda Thompson is my guest on this episode of the podcast. Brenda has a background in counseling and education and is a longtime professional in the graduate medical education space. For the last year or so, Brenda has been working as a resident and fellow liaison, educating residents who are transitioning into practice about topics such as how to negotiate a physician’s contract, how to prepare for the interview process, and how to form their professional identity for the community, their patients, and their colleagues. 

Join the conversation to learn from Brenda about:

  • The role of the physician liaison
  • How Brenda and her colleagues teach newly minted physicians to stand out from the crowd, establish networks, create relationships, and negotiate contracts
  • How continuing education can educate established physicians about the business side of medicine
  • The need for health and well-being education for residents and fellows

Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education
American Medical Association
NIH Valerian Root & Lemon Balm Tea Study
Graduate Medical Education re[Think] re[Claim] re[Design] re[Create]: Memoir and Call to Action

Brenda: Twitter, Secondary Twitter, LinkedIn, Secondary LinkedIn
Alex: Twitter, LinkedIn, website

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