Crafting Rich Learning Experiences to Optimize Education

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Crafting Rich Learning Experiences to Optimize Education

May 10, 2023

Crafting Rich Learning Experiences to Optimize Education

Instructional designers are the architects of learning experiences. 

In this episode, Parker Grant PhD, the co-founder of IDLance, an instructional design freelance agency, discusses the learning process, how to use learners’ experiences to optimize education, and where instructional designers go for their story inspiration. 

Parker advises, “In adult learning, what’s really important to know, is that all learning is experiential. What makes learning better is having a multifaceted approach, meaning you don’t look at just any one mode of learning as the optimum, but the combination of many facets.”

To these ends, Parker uses concept maps to create learning experiences. He finds that mental models help individuals to visualize other perspectives and shift mental models, thus encouraging consistent performance and improving outcomes. 

Parker describes the core characteristics of well-designed learning activities that allow us to deliver rich learning experiences for healthcare professionals and we discuss how simulations and case studies can enhance the learning experience through feedback and building consequences into the virtual experience. 

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