Navigating the World of Medical Writing

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Navigating the World of Medical Writing

May 3, 2023

Navigating the World of Medical Writing

What qualities do medical writers need? This is a question I’m frequently asked.

In this episode, expect to hear some robust answers—whatever your niche, specialty, or area of focus.

Holly Hagan MSc, Success Coach for Medical Writers, believes that all medical writers require diplomacy, intellectualism, inquisitiveness, and resourcefulness as fundamental qualities to thrive.

Authentically embodying moral and civic character lies central to her approach to medical writing. In addition, Holly maintains that personal branding goes deeper than your background banner, understanding personal brand to encompass the experience of your every interaction with colleagues and customers.

She advocates that employees and freelancers would benefit from adopting a service mindset. Shifting to a service mindset also allows writers to reframe the taboo surrounding sales into one where we understand and fulfill the customer’s needs. Holly advises beginner writers to remain vigilant about opinions versus facts when considering what is possible and recommends using visualizations to stay focused on achieving your goals.

Holly suggests, “I find that it can be really powerful to separate the facts from opinions when it comes to your job search. That core belief will then change what sort of things you see in the visible world.”

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