East Meets West: Exploring the European CME Landscape

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East Meets West: Exploring the European CME Landscape

May 17, 2023

East Meets West: Exploring the European CME Landscape

Ready for a tour of the European Continuing Medical Education environment?

Eugene Pozniak is Managing Director and CEO of Siyemi Learning, an independent medical education provider established in 2006. In fact, Siyemi Learning is the first non-US organization to be accredited by the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME) and is uniquely also accredited on the other side of the Atlantic by the European Board for Accreditation of Continuing Education for Health Professionals (EBAC).

Eugene left the promotional sector in 2000 and has since worked exclusively in CME-CPD, initially devising, and delivering e-learning for the European Society of Cardiology and the Federation of European Cancer Societies. He was Director of Global CME (ex-US) at Wolters Kluwer Health, before setting up Siyemi Learning and the European CME Forum. 

Eugene describes a disparate European CME landscape, driven by national requirements and split by specialties within countries. We explore accreditation similarities and differences between Europe and the US. For example, while European activity-based accreditation systems embrace a granular, structured approach focusing on the format and organization of the educational activity, US accreditation allows comparatively more flexibility to deliver innovative education.

We also discuss the European CME Forum, cofounded by Eugene alongside Peter Llewellyn in 2008, which facilitates open discussion amongst all stakeholder groups and promotes a high standard of CME in Europe. Eugene also set up the Journal of CME (JCME), an open-access, peer-reviewed journal with a global focus on all aspects of CME-CPD, and is a founding member of the Good CME Practice Group.

CME Practice and Accreditation Stakeholders in Europe

  • The European Accreditation Council of CME (EACCME) of the European Union of Medical Specialists (UEMS). EACCME is run by UEMS.
  • The European Board for Accreditation of Continuing Education for Health Professionals (EBAC)
  • The European CME Forum
  • The Good CME Practice group (gCMEp)
  • The International Academy for CPD Accreditation 

Journal of CME
Good CME Practice group
European CME Forum

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Siyemi Learning

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