Recipes for Animating CME/CPD

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Recipes for Animating CME/CPD

June 17, 2022

Recipes for Animating CME/CPD

Jayzona Alberto EdD, MS began her continuing healthcare education career by working on curricula for dentists and other clinicians before transitioning to the Stanford University School of Medicine, where she currently serves as Assistant Director of Continuing Medical Education. 

Jayzona and her team  work with e-learning tools such as animations, and in this episode she walks us through the process of creating an animation from start to finish. We discuss the importance of building relationships with the faculty who inform education content, the resources for CME that an institution such as Stanford can provide, and the potential for changing clinical practice that well designed CME/CPD fosters. 

Other topics we discussed include:

  • Differences in assessing knowledge versus assessing clinical change 
  • The importance of cultivating soft skills as both a clinician and an education provider 
  • How online education is changing the parameters of what is possible in CME 
  • And how to raise the visibility of CME within clinical or academic organizations.


Connect with Jayzona
Email: [email protected]

Connect with Alex
Email: [email protected]

Podcast Team
: Alexandra Howson PhD, CHCP
Shownotes: Emma Kolakowski
Sound: SuZen Marie

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