Building Blocks for a Successful Learning Culture

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Building Blocks for a Successful Learning Culture

June 14, 2023

Building Blocks for a Successful Learning Culture

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If content is King, learning culture must be Queen, as the latter goes a long way to determining learner outcomes. Frustrated with many years of check-box top-down broadcast learning culture, Andrew Barry founded Curious Lion and built a better way to effect behavior change by fostering progressive and transformative learning cultures. 

In this episode, Andrew outlines the building blocks required for a successful learning culture.

✔️ Shared vision
✔️ Collaborative peer-to-peer team learning
✔️ Personal mastery & individual accountability 
✔️ Systems thinking 

Andrew invests heavily in building motivation through the self-determination theory of competence, relatedness, and autonomy, as he believes self-determination lies at the heart of behavior change. He recommends that creating learning cultures involves interventions at both the micro and macro levels, focusing on both the individual and company culture. We discuss the importance of developing life-long reflective learners and the circle of learning.

Connect with Andrew
Founder & CEO, Curious Lion
Email: [email protected]

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