Empowering Learners Through Productivity Metrics

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Empowering Learners Through Productivity Metrics

June 21, 2023

Empowering Learners Through Productivity Metrics

Simulated case-based educational formats allow radiologists to develop their skills in a safe environment, learning from experts without the risks involved in clinical care. 
This is exactly what Medality specializes in offering its learners. 

On today’s episode, Dr. Deanna Heier, Ph.D., Head of Educational Strategy and Operations at Medality, shares how the company replicates side-by-side training through asynchronous and synchronous learning options and uses performance outcomes to enhance this approach to medical education. 

While the microlearning model offers asynchronous, flexible case-based learning, faculty provide personalized feedback on both clinical and communication skills via synchronous learning. 

Join us for a conversation about mentorship, using productivity metrics to assess outcomes and gauge the confidence, accuracy, and efficiency of learners, and how Medality is partnering with the American Association of Women and Radiology to diversify its faculty and balance out this male-dominated field.

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American Association for Women in Radiology

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