Why Connection Is Key In CME

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Why Connection Is Key In CME

June 7, 2023

Why Connection Is Key In CME

Whether you are an education provider working with a distributed team or a freelance writer working with multiple clients, connecting with your colleagues, peers, and clients is key.

Today I’m taking a deeper dive into connection to explore why it’s important in CME and to offer some different ways to foster connection with clients, colleagues, and content. 

To apply empathy to content creation, you can create content in multiple formats and provide access to that content in multiple ways. For instance, if the primary format is a podcast, including a transcript for people who prefer to read can be helpful. It’s important, too, to identify the factors that motivate learners to participate in the educational activity and use these motivation factors to help learners connect with the content. Self-determination theory can be a helpful framework here as a reminder that adult learners need to feel autonomous, competent, and connected to what they’re learning, as well as to the people they’re learning with.

We can also offer choices in the activity content and ensure the expectations for learners are succinct and clear and cultivate an audience mindset. By gathering feedback and engaging in dialogue with learners we can better understand what’s important to them and create content that connects on a deeper level.

✔️ Only connect
✔️ Focus on relationship building
✔️ Cultivate empathy in CME planning, designing, and writing
✔️ Cultivate an audience mindset

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