Unlocking Freedom in Healthcare: The SurfCT Approach Ep 65 with Paul Vigario

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Unlocking Freedom in Healthcare: The SurfCT Approach Ep 65 with Paul Vigario

August 23, 2023

Unlocking Freedom in Healthcare: The SurfCT Approach Ep 65 with Paul Vigario

Did you know that implementing personalized IT strategies can amplify healthcare efficiency? Learn how automation can streamline processes, remove decision fatigue, and free up more time for doctors to focus on patient care. Gain insights into the different aspects of freedom that automation brings to healthcare entrepreneurs, from location flexibility to financial independence. My conversation with Paul Vigario will inspire healthcare professionals to rethink their IT strategies and embrace digital transformation for improved efficiency, patient care, and practice growth. Don’t miss out on this enlightening episode!

In this episode, you will be able to:

  • Align technology with a physician’s vision leads to automation, efficiency, and fulfillment.

  • Understanding doctors’ true visions and desires, disregarding preconceived notions.

  • Be open to new technologies and practices, fostering creativity and adaptability.

  • Balance work with self-care ensures optimal mental and physical health.

  • Pursue entrepreneurship in healthcare enables financial independence and control.

Episode Timeline:

00:01:50 – Paul’s Journey to Dentistry,

00:06:06 – Understanding the Vision,

00:08:06 – Creating Freedom and Automation,

00:13:33 – Benefits of Automation,

00:16:12 – The Importance of Delegation and Automation

00:17:34 – Operating in the Zone of Genius

00:19:24 – Enhancing the Patient Experience

00:25:04 – Overcoming Challenges and Embracing Change

00:29:19 – Creating Endless Possibilities

Links and Mentions:

Paul Viagrio | SurfCT

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