Networking for Success: How CME Spot’s Lillian Pecache Built a Thriving Healthcare Business Ep 41

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Networking for Success: How CME Spot’s Lillian Pecache Built a Thriving Healthcare Business Ep 41

March 9, 2023

Networking for Success: How CME Spot’s Lillian Pecache Built a Thriving Healthcare Business Ep 41

Today, we covered the major key points of how to leverage building strategic partnerships and attract the right talents when you are in networking events and attending conferences. 

In this episode, Lillian Pecache PA-C, at shares: 

  1. Imposter syndrome affects even high-functioning people and can be caused by internalized beliefs and actions that hold us back. Take little steps to overcome self-imposed pressure.
  2. Start-ups need to network. Talking about your aspirations and views may lead to long-term connections and collaboration.
  3. To recruit top talent, we must be clear about our value offering and asks and understand others’.
  4. Develop purposeful harmony rather than balance to handle work, personal, and self-care needs.
  5. Before helping others, fill your cup. This includes knowing what makes you happy and making time for hobbies like running, hiking, or drinking coffee.
  6. We can improve as leaders and assist each other in healthcare by sharing information and resources with colleagues.

Show Summary

Lilian Pechache had a hard time finding time to look for the right CME conferences and relax after a long day of work. She wanted to save time, avoid getting too tired, and build a network for both her work and personal life. Lilian was able to create a website to help people find the right CMEs and make connections in just eight months from the time she had the idea. Even though she was shy, she forced herself to reach out to her network and make connections that would help her business grow. Lilian thinks that if she first fills her own cup, she can live a happy life and use her business to help other people do the same.

How Can Medical Providers Save Time, Network, and Prevent Burnout?

Continuing Medical Education (CME) travel can be hard, especially when it comes to figuring out the exact dates and places. This process can be made easier and more efficient with the help of AI. AI-based solutions can help quickly look at all the options, compare them, and find the best one for CME travel. This saves time that would have been spent researching and comparing locations and makes sure that the best possible place for CME travel is chosen.

How Important It Is To Think Like An Entrepreneur?

Establishing a business may be a big and scary undertaking, especially if you do not know how to proceed. The imposter syndrome is one of the most significant obstacles faced by many entrepreneurs. This phenomena can make it challenging to take chances, make decisions, and believe in one’s talents. Imposter syndrome is a typical aspect of the business path and can be overcome with experience and self-awareness. This is a crucial fact to keep in mind. Entrepreneurs may overcome impostor syndrome and achieve success in their respective professions if they have the correct mentality.

Fill Our Own Cup To Live A Fulfilled Life

Existence requires fulfillment, yet it might be difficult to find. To fill the cups of others, we must first take the time to grasp our own meaning of fulfillment and engage in activities that bring us happiness and pleasure. By recognizing what gives us a feeling of purpose and taking the time to nourish ourselves, we may enter the world with a full cup and be better able to fill the cups of others.

In conclusion, networking is a powerful tool to create win-win situations and find fulfillment in life. It is a great way to build relationships and foster collaboration between entrepreneurs.

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