10X Growth Strategy Using Feminine Energy with Melissa Keenan Ep 17

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10X Growth Strategy Using Feminine Energy with Melissa Keenan Ep 17

September 21, 2022

10X Growth Strategy Using Feminine Energy with Melissa Keenan Ep 17

Reaching for that second cup of coffee already? Before you fill up on more caffeine, listen to this episode first! 

As female business owners and CEO’s, you are constantly under immense pressure to perform. Not only are you expected to deliver quality care to your clients, but you are also expected to be the senior practitioner, the team leader, the mom, and the loving partner. You feel like you have to do it all and be everything to everyone. 

But here’s the truth: The secret to high productivity and performance isn’t by adding more action items on your to-do list—it’s by drawing on your feminine energy. When you listen to this episode, you will find out what I mean =) 

In this episode, I speak with Melissa Keenan, an intimacy coach who helps high-powered women to receive pleasure without limits. Over the course of our discussion, we define what masculine and feminine energy truly is and how mastering these two sides are important for increasing productivity for female CEO’s. 

In addition to coaching, Melissa has a private community where women can find supportive sisterhood. 

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