Grow Your Private Practice with the Right Team with Kimber Hill Ep 18

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Grow Your Private Practice with the Right Team with Kimber Hill Ep 18

September 28, 2022

Grow Your Private Practice with the Right Team with Kimber Hill Ep 18

Is your to-do list getting longer and longer every day? Then, you definitely need to listen to today’s podcast episode! 

Running a private practice takes a lot of time and energy to make sure everything is getting done. In addition to taking care of patients, you have to worry about your administrative tasks, technical support, customer service, sales, marketing and anything else you can name! That’s a lot. If you’re trying to run everything on your own, then eventually you’re going to run yourself and your private practice into the ground. I certainly don’t want that to happen to you and I know you don’t either. 

As highly capable as you are, you are only one person. Even if you were to work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, you’re still not going to get everything done without getting help. Plus, what’s the point in having your own private practice when you are constantly weighed down by tasks you don’t want to do? The key here is to get help and hire the right people to come to your aid. 

In this episode, I speak with Kimber Hill, the founder of VirtForce, a digital recruitment platform that has matched over 65,000 military spouses to fulfilling remote careers. During our interview, we talked briefly about the impact of the Great Resignation and the need for private practice owners to hire the right people. 

As a military spouse herself, Kimber Hill, has a passion for helping military spouses to find employment that will utilize their talents from the comfort of their home. 

Don’t you think it’s about time to get some help in your private practice? Find out how by listening and subscribing to our episode now!

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