100 Episodes Celebration: The best wisdom for a new direction

The Provider’s Edge

100 Episodes Celebration: The best wisdom for a new direction

May 11, 2022

100 Episodes Celebration: The best wisdom for a new direction

Two years ago, I had a realization: It is from within ourselves, our decisions in life, and how we react to our environment affect who we are today. Therefore, it is only fitting to say that what we do in the present is what we will become in the future.

In line with this, I have personally been exposed to the struggles of medical professionals and private practice owners who sacrifice a lot of their intrapersonal and interpersonal wellness and time for the sake of other people and their careers.

As a cardiothoracic surgery PA, I thought I had achieved success after becoming a member in a well-renowned hospital in the US for cardiac surgery, only to find out that I have only been bombarded with more work and stress, which in turn altered my passion into a nightmare.

The dreadful experience has sparked my inner drive to transform myself! I have created a testament that I will no longer put myself in a position where my health and time is compromised.

Ask yourself, are you still happy in what you do? Are you in the same situation where your enthusiasm has burned out? Are you spending too much time in your practice sacrificing the quality time with your family, friends, and loved ones?

If you’re reading this or have been listening to our previous episodes, there’s a high chance you’ve already thought about changing the course of your medical career. You have already taken the steps, and I’m sure that you will continue moving forward.

Today, it has become my mission to help healthcare leaders especially those who have taken the entrepreneurship to become a practice owner and innovator to achieve efficiency, have better career satisfaction, and improve patient outcomes.

In this episode, as we reach the culmination of my work to continue aiding private practice providers and owners regain their precious time and personal lives, let us reflect on our milestones and plan how we can expand our vision. We have helped our colleagues be immersed from deep waters. We gave them the instruments on how to deal with their busy schedules, competition, and unending number of patients.

In essence, we have become The Provider’s Edge.

Thank you again for joining us today! Please share this episode with friends and colleagues who will enjoy this week’s discussion. 

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