The Best of the Best Part 1

The Provider’s Edge

The Best of the Best Part 1

May 18, 2022

The Best of the Best Part 1

The last time I opened up an old photo album of my trip to Spain, I can vividly remember the cities I traveled to, the hostels I stayed in, the new friends I made, and the conversations that expanded my horizon.

In celebration of our past 100 episodes, the experts we have invited want to share with you their best tips.

We are growing each day.

Learning from the past.

At the end of the day, every experience can be a gift or an opportunity.

As healthcare entrepreneurs, you have walked a long road, becoming a provider, serving your patients, and now running a practice and growing your impact.

How are you creating a synergistic team, reducing staff burnout, and optimizing your own efficiency as a leader while enjoying your life?

We did not get placed on Earth to live for work, but work to live.

Lucia Tiffany from Ep 22

David Chudyk from Ep 23

Elle Ingalls from Ep 27

Aashi Arora from Ep 60

Dr. Jasmine Sandoval Ep 78

Laura Baum Ep 79

Ronnie Loaiza from Ep 97

Tara Galeano from Ep 98


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