Don’t Let Calling Your Office Be A Nightmare with Zed Williamson

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Don’t Let Calling Your Office Be A Nightmare with Zed Williamson

August 9, 2022

Don’t Let Calling Your Office Be A Nightmare with Zed Williamson

We’ve all heard, “First impressions matter.” Calling your office to schedule an appointment is your patient’s first interaction with you and your practice. That call defines whether the patient schedules an appointment. And, their attitude toward future interactions with you and your office. 

Today, Zed Williamson from TrackableMed joins me to discuss how your staff can improve the impression patients get when they call your office.  One of the most valuable suggestions is to train your staff to answer the phone with a full-on smile. Now this may seem silly but if you try it you’ll see the difference in the tone of your voice.

Between automated phone attendants and online scheduling tools, patients have precious little interaction with your office. Those initial few words of greeting can make or break your success. 

Other valuable tips from this episode include:

  • Call your own office as a secret shopper
  • Have calls answered by a live person
  • If someone is put on hold, tell them how long it will be
  • Fill the dead space so they know they’re still connected

As you’ll hear, “First impressions” do matter. Listen to this episode to learn what steps you need to have your staff take to get that patient’s needs addressed and loving your practice.

After spending years in advertising, Zed Williamson founded TrackableMed in 2011, a patient demand acceleration platform rooted in neuroscience. Zed grew frustrated by the lack of accountability in the advertising industry and started TrackableMed to focus on results. Today, you can find him reading, spending time with his wife and teenage sons, and running a highly innovative business that helps private practices create patient demand for their therapies.

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