Improve Patient Care and Generate Revenue: Remote Monitoring

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Improve Patient Care and Generate Revenue: Remote Monitoring

July 26, 2022

Improve Patient Care and Generate Revenue: Remote Monitoring

One of my greatest frustration with practicing medicine is poor patient compliance. You spend time educating the patient and discussing the treatment plan. When you see them back in follow up you discover they haven't followed through. If you are lucky, they are the same. Unfortunately, sometimes they are worse.

Using FDA-approved devices, remote monitoring remote patient monitoring (RPM) and remote therapeutic monitoring (RTM)  patients  can alert physicians to any concerning  data between visits. That way, physicians can intervene before things spiral out of control.  The goal behind remote monitoring programs is to improve patient care, decrease healthcare spending by being proactive and improving patient compliance.

And while I'm sure that we are all for improved patient care and outcomes, I know that nobody wants to do more work. Or do it for free.

Here's the good news: 

  • Implementing RPM/RTM does not require more physician time. When set up correctly, you only have to write the order. You can use your staff to do the rest. 
  • RPM/RTM can significantly increase your revenue.

In this episode I'll tell you the key differences between RPM and RTM and how to utilize them in your practice.

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