042: Empowered Period With Jacqui O'Connor

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042: Empowered Period With Jacqui O'Connor

May 18, 2021

042: Empowered Period With Jacqui O'Connor

A period is a natural and healthy part of women’s reproductive health. 

However, around the world, period taboos and resource limitations prevent girls and women from managing their periods with dignity.  

In this episode, we get to chat with Jacqui O’Connor, a registered nurse, confidence coach, and champion of carers, on empowering women, caregivers, and the carers by acknowledging their bodies.

The human body is an amazing thing. Learning to honour them and what cycle it’s at is so important. Ultimately, losing the taboo around female cycles is one way to honour ourselves and gives us the space to practice better self care. 


  • Jacqui’s experience with burnout (4:42)
  • Being empowered caregivers (7:18)
  • Cyclical wisdom we are all gifted with (8:25)
  • Connecting to your feminine side (11:10)
  • Women’s bodies are created to create (13:50)
  • Creating space for our mind and body to rest (16:00)
  • Natural healing in the past (19:48)
  • Period products and breaking the taboo (21:14)
  • Why we shouldn’t normalise pain and bleeding (22:35)
  • Empowered period (25:23)
  • Honour the space (27:40)
  • Dealing with toxic environments (31:16)
  • Four phases of how we show up (31:30)
  • Hormone disruptors (32:40)
  • Protecting our energy (34:35)
  • Inspiring our children and being inspired by them (37:33)
  • Setting strong boundaries (41:35)

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