041: Celebrating International Nurses Day with Mark Aitken

The Happy Nurse

041: Celebrating International Nurses Day with Mark Aitken

May 11, 2021

041: Celebrating International Nurses Day with Mark Aitken

Today is International Nurses Day

On May 12th each year, we celebrate the contributions of Nurses around the world.

In this episode, we speak with Mark Aitken of Nurse & Midwife Support. He shares with us the ways they can give help and support to those who tirelessly and selflessly care for others. Mark shares why nurses and midwives self-care is essential. 

As nurses and midwives, your health matters – and what better way to celebrate that than on International Nurses Day? . 


  • Nurse and Midwife Support (3:59)
  • The importance of self-compassion (6:17)
  • Creating cultures that prioritize self-care (8:05)
  • Having a shared responsibility of nurse’ self-care (9:55)
  • Health and well-being in team meetings (11:15)
  • Counseling skills as part of nursing training (12:37)
  • Listening to learn instead of listening to respond (14:53)
  • Listening to yourself (14:46)
  • Leading with gratitude (16:40)
  • Remaining humble and quieting the ego (17:39)
  • International Day of the Nurse (20:13)
  • Self-care practices (21:17)
  • Developing your own self-care plan (24:00)
  • What is indulgent self-care? (27:50)
  • Self-permission (29:17)

Nurse and Midwife Support Number: 1-800-667-877


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