033:  Thriving through Menopause with Clarissa Kristjansson

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033: Thriving through Menopause with Clarissa Kristjansson

January 27, 2021

033: Thriving through Menopause with Clarissa Kristjansson

Menopause happens to all women and is just another stage in this journey of life. 

It is certainly a time of change for women. Emotionally, women experience a roller coaster ride when going through menopause. Although every woman experiences menopause differently, you can survive and thrive during this change and come out on the other side as a new woman. 

In this episode, we get to chat with Clarissa Kristjansson, a menopause transition specialist on advice for nurses who are facing perimenopause and menopause and how they can cope with the changes and challenges that come with it. 

Menopause isn’t forever and being able to meet it well and seeing it for what it is, which is a transition in our lives. Remember, you are just going through a transition and there is life after menopause.


  • Menopause effects (4:25)
  • Symptoms of menopause (7:59)
  • Making time to meditative practice (8:40)
  • Go to the root cause (16:14)
  • Taking a mindful walk (16:55)
  • Managing stress better (17:26)
  • Sugar doesn’t help with menopause (19:58)
  • Struggling with sleep by managing our stress and diet (21:00)
  • Tips for dealing with brain fog (21:40)
  • Mindfulness and meditation (22:37)
  • Looking after yourself (23:00)
  • Feeling different after menopause (23:40)

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