029: How Medical Debriefing Leads to Better Nurses’ Wellbeing with Cameron Tyers

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029: How Medical Debriefing Leads to Better Nurses’ Wellbeing with Cameron Tyers

November 30, 2020
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029: How Medical Debriefing Leads to Better Nurses’ Wellbeing with Cameron Tyers

Medical debriefings are usually held after a significant event. Its main purpose is to review the event and discuss how staff responded and in what areas can be improved on. Debriefing is a great opportunity for nurses and medical workers to communicate and ask important questions.

Cameron Tyers is a registered emergency nurse, and in this episode, he shares with us the importance of having a debrief process that benefits the wellbeing of nurses and medical health practitioners and how to make it happen as effectively as possible. 

By creating constant communication and asking questions through the debrief, this not only helps your patients but is an essential way to avoid burnout and compassion fatigue. Encouraging debriefing also encourages a psychologically safe work environment because people are seen and heard.

Are your debriefing processes being practiced effectively? 


  • Nursing is a vocation (5:44)
  • Debriefing your patients (6:20)
  • What hinders debriefing (8:49)
  • Debriefing helps the whole department and not just the patients (10:00)
  • Encouraging debriefing creates a psychologically safe environment (10:29)
  • Types of debriefing (10:55)
  • The Nursing App for Self-Care (11:36)
  • Getting outside in nature is therapeutic (14:06)
  • Team building spent outdoors (14:17)
  • Types of debriefing (19:46)
  • Hot debrief vs Cold debrief (20:00)
  • Calmness in a debrief makes a good debrief (23:21)
  • We all handle debriefs in a different way (24:30)
  • Not blaming others (24:57)
  • Learning from our mistakes (26:06)
  • The element of fear as nurses (26:35)
  • The importance of asking questions (27:15)
  • Showing vulnerability (28:03)
  • Finding the time to debrief (29:32)
  • Not taking work home with you (30:16)
  • Write down all your questions and don’t be afraid to ask them (31:45)
  • Not debriefing can lead to burnout (32:11)
  • Debriefing on anything you have questions about (33:30)
  • Asking questions as a form of self-care (33:58)


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