003: The Power of Self Love and Self Prioritization with Anna Bain

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003: The Power of Self Love and Self Prioritization with Anna Bain

May 18, 2020

003: The Power of Self Love and Self Prioritization with Anna Bain

With today’s fast-paced lifestyle, consistently striving hard has become the norm. A lot of the time we are too hard on ourselves because we are driven by the desire to excel at everything we do. 

In this episode, Anna Bain shares her insights on the importance of self-love, self-care and how we can cultivate this in order to become the best version of ourselves and to avoid the accepted norm of pushing ourselves to the limit.

Self-love often comes with the connotation of being selfish. But if self-love means taking action to fill your cup so that you can better serve others, is that really selfish? 


  • Non-negotiable self-care tips (4:30)
  • “Better messy hair than a messy mind” (6:53)
  • What does it mean to have “Indulgent Self-Care?” (09:47)
  • Vitamin L: The fundamental nutrient of living an energetic life (10:50)
  • Have a clear vision of your best self (16:00)
  • The importance of a “Recharge Alarm” (19:58)
  • Tips for unlocking energy and developing healthy habits (22.27)
  • The definition of self-care and extreme self-love (26:10)
  • Questions to ask yourself to gauge your current level of self-love (29:56)
  • The importance of journaling (31:48)


An Integrative Health Coach and a workplace well-being consultant, Anna Bain empowers business leaders by sharing the message of health and wellness. Having worked in management roles with the non-profit sector for 12 years, Anna combines her health coaching skills and work experience to promote raising the energy of the workplace and creating high-vibe places to work.

From her passion for healthy living, Anna founded her company, Lifestyle Rebelz. Through health and vitality coaching, Lifestyle Rebelz empowers people to find their path towards their peak energy.


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