Polarization and Public Trust

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Polarization and Public Trust

In this episode, Gary speaks with Richard Edelman, Chairman of Daniel J. Edelman Holdings, and CEO, Edelman. They discuss the 2023 Edelman Trust Barometer, which measures global public trust in…
March 9, 2023

Polarization and Public Trust

Meet Richard Edelman

Richard Edelman is the CEO of Edelman, a global communications firm, and Chairman of Daniel J. Edelman Holdings, the firm’s holding company. Now in his 26th year as CEO, Richard is one of the longest tenured agency leaders in the marketing services industry.

Key Insights:

Richard Edelman oversees international polling on personal and institutional trust. 


Where does Political Dialog Occur? The most believable place to have a quality conversation on politics is at work. It’s not in your neighborhood anymore. It’s in the workplace, because people now have transferred so much of their psychic energy to work.

How to Address Misinformation? There is a continued need to supplement information on social. I think companies have to participate in social put good facts in there. If they have quality information, sharing through newsletters, I just don’t think media can do it alone

How to be Trustworthy? It used to be that 75% of trust score was related to ability. Now that’s taken for granted almost the other 75 has to do with who you are. Do you have a mission?

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