Building Trust in Healthcare

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Building Trust in Healthcare

In this episode, Gary speaks with Peter Fine, CEO, Banner Health. They discuss the process of integrating a large health system, and consider carefully how technology is changing the industry.…
October 6, 2022

Building Trust in Healthcare

Meet Peter Fine:

Peter Fine is the CEO of Banner Health. Prior to Banner Health, he was executive vice president and COO of Aurora Health Care. He also served as CEO of Grant Hospital and Senior Vice President of Operations at Northwestern Memorial Hospital as well as Assistant Administrator of Porter Memorial Hospital. Peter received a bachelor’s from Ohio University and a master’s in healthcare administration from George Washington University.


Key Insights:

Peter Fine has 22 years of healthcare leadership experience as Banner Health’s CEO.


  • Evolution. Peter describes how Banner Health has evolved over time through acquisitions and partnerships in health delivery and insurance. As the organization grew, Peter recognized the importance of integration as well as creating convenient outpatient touch points for the consumer. 
  • The Wise Guide. During the pandemic, Banner Health developed the “wise guide,” providing the Arizona public with up-to-date information about COVID-19 from a trusted medical source: Banner Health’s Chief Clinical Officer, Marjorie Bessel.
  • Affordability. Health systems tend to have operating margins around 2-3%. Additionally, Peter shares that Medicaid and Medicare tend to pay out less than the cost of a service, and the number of consumers with government health insurance is growing. As inflation rises and the cost of labor increases, healthcare affordability is a developing issue.


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