AI Revolution

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AI Revolution

In this episode, Gary speaks with John Glaser, Ph.D., Executive-in-Residence, Harvard Medical School, about the nature of Artificial Intelligence and the opportunities and challenges it presents to the healthcare industry.…
November 10, 2022

AI Revolution

Meet John Glaser, Ph.D.:

John Glaser, Ph.D. is an Executive in Resident at Harvard Medical School and recently published “Advanced Introduction to Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare.” Previously, Dr. Glaser joined Cerner Corporation as an Executive Senior Advisor, due to their acquisition of Siemens Health Services, where he was CEO. Prior to that, he served as the CIO for Partners HealthCare, now known as Mass General Brigham. Dr. Glaser sits on multiple boards of directors including the Scottsdale Institute, NCQA, and Forbes Health Advisory Board.


Key Insights:

John Glaser is a thought leader in the field of healthcare IT. He explores what leaders must know as AI becomes more prevalent in the healthcare industry. 


  • Defining AI. Dr. Glaser defines AI as a machine that perceives its environment, and based on that perception, takes steps to maximize chances of success. One type of AI is deep learning, which is when a machine is fed large amounts of data and can then output an interpretation of new data.
  • Data Challenges. AI rests on data. Data may need to be cleaned before use, adding extra steps. Data may be skewed or biased, potentially introducing ethical concerns. Healthcare adds an additional challenge of validation as doctors don’t always agree on diagnosis given the same data. 
  • Implementation. Dr. Glaser recommends the CIO or CDO put together a multidisciplinary AI committee that evaluates potential AI products and selects a certain number to pilot. The committee can define who is accountable for conducting and tracking the pilot, but ultimately the entire C-suite is accountable for AI support and implementation. 


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