72: A Guide to Fixing American Health Care

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72: A Guide to Fixing American Health Care

In this episode, Gary speaks with David B. Nash, M.D., Founding Dean Emeritus at Jefferson College of Population Health, about his book, How Covid Crashed the System: A Guide to…
July 14, 2022

72: A Guide to Fixing American Health Care

Ep 72.The Gary Bisbee Show Notes

“A Guide to Fixing American Health Care” with David Nash, M.D.


“We find the black box and, no surprise to hardened investigators, it’s a multifactorial.”

                                                                                                                          – David Nash, M.D.


Meet David Nash, M.D.:

David Nash, M.D. is the Founding Dean Emeritus and the Dr. Raymond C. and Doris N. Grandon Professor of Health Policy, at the Jefferson College of Population Health.He also serves as a Special Assistant to the Chief Physician Executive of Jefferson Health. He is a prolific author, with a forthcoming book, “How Covid Crashed the System: A Guide to Fixing American Health Care.” Dr. Nash received a Bachelor’s in Economics from Vassar College, a medical degree from the University of Rochester, and an MBA in Health Administration from the University of Pennsylvania.


Key Insights:

Dr. Nash analyzed the pandemic like an investigation into a flight crash. The black box revealed a variety of misaligned incentives in our current healthcare system.


  • Heroism is Counter-productive. Dr. Nash pushes back on the habit of calling doctors “heroes.” It reinforces the mythology that doctors can fix and control everything in healthcare. While individual doctors did their best, in reality it was the American health system that failed during the pandemic. (27:41)
  • Pay-vidors. Dr. Nash points to the benefits of joint venture or ownership models, where payers and providers are economically aligned. This type of model incentivizes prevention, wellness, and upstream care. Kaiser Permanente and Humana are models of this. (34:58) 
  • How to Fix Healthcare. Dr. Nash has core recommendations to fix American Healthcare: improve medical education, realign healthcare payment incentives, refocus leadership on the patient, improve connectivity with consumer, and make digital health more inclusive.


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