39: Healthcare’s Digital Foundation

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39: Healthcare’s Digital Foundation

In this episode, Gary speaks with John Glaser, Ph.D., Executive-in-Residence, Harvard Medical School, and Former CEO, Siemens. The conversation explores John’s position as thought leader in the field of healthcare…
December 9, 2021

39: Healthcare’s Digital Foundation

Meet John Glaser, Ph.D.:

John Glaser, Ph.D. is an Executive in Resident at Harvard Medical School. Previously, Dr. Glaser joined Cerner Corporation as an Executive Senior Advisor, due to their acquisition of Siemens Health Services, where he was CEO. Prior to that, he served as the CIO for Partners HealthCare, now known as Mass General Brigham. Dr. Glaser sits on the board of directors for the Scottsdale Institute, NCQA, and Forbes Health Advisory Board.

Key Insights:

John Glaser is a thought leader in the field of healthcare IT. He has decades of experience and has watched the field grow as well as being instrumental in its development. 

  • Collaboration. A recent article proposed moving the IT function under business units; however, Dr. Glaser sees that as a risky response to a performance problem. Better performance can be achieved through collaboration: when an IT group and business group work together, teach each other, and hold each other mutually accountable. (14:52)
  • Interoperability. All industries face limits in interoperability. The best way to achieve interoperability is to focus on a limited set of transactions, clear business cases, and create a body that brings all players together to refine the details. (25:32)
  • The Consumer. In a recent article in the Harvard Business Review, Dr. Glaser dives into 5 key principles to improve the patient experience with digital technology. One of those principles is to remember that patients are consumers. Healthcare systems need to provide great medical care as well as a good consumer experience. (32:12)

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