38: It's All About the Person

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38: It's All About the Person

In this episode, Gary speaks with Amir Dan Rubin, Chair, CEO, and President of One Medical. Gary and Amir discuss One Medical’s 90% Net Promoter Score, their unique model for…
December 2, 2021

38: It's All About the Person

Meet Amir Dan Rubin:

Amir Dan Rubin is the Chair, CEO, and President of One Medical. He has previous experience in health insurance and at academic health centers. He was the Executive Vice President and Divisional CEO within Optum, the President and CEO at Sandford Health, the Chief Operating Officer at UCLA Health, and the Chief Operating Officer at Stony Brook University Medical Center. Amir has an MBA in Business Administration and an MHSA in Health Care Administration from the University of Michigan. 

Key Insights:

Amir Dan Rubin shares insights into One Medical’s unique membership model, and how it lowers costs and improves patient outcomes. 

  • 90% Net Promoter Score. One Medical has a high score for customer experience because their model is built around the patient. One Medical charges a membership fee rather than fee-for-service, employees are salaried, there is virtual care and their technology encourages coordinated and frictionless care. (13:45)
  • Member Rather Than Patients. One Medical decreases costs through easy access primary care and prevention that decreases emergency room use. Amir admits that the components aren’t novel, rather it’s how they work together. (23:37)
  • It’s About People. If you are interested in mission-driven work, caring people, and an ever-changing field with big challenges, then healthcare is the right industry for you. Amir advises young leaders to find what they love, and be energized by it. (35:22)

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